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Why you shouldn’t ignore workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination is the unfair treatment of someone based on their inherent qualities or attributes. Discrimination can take on many faces, but it often targets gender, color, race, age, disability or national origin. When discrimination occurs in the workplace, then it is considered workplace discrimination. 

Many people face workplace discrimination every day – at times without realizing it. People who do realize they’re being targeted can report the discrimination toward them, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. 

Why do some people hold off on reporting discrimination? Here’s what you should know:

Many people either don’t know their rights or they’re too afraid

People may not feel safe reporting discrimination. They may believe:

  • That they just have to accept that kind of treatment because they’re immigrants or disenfranchised.
  • That nothing at all will happen to improve the situation even if they do report it.
  • They will end up facing worse discrimination after they make the report.
  • They’ll be seen as a “tattletale” and unable to handle the work environment.
  • They’ll lose their source of income, and they don’t have a backup plan.
  • They’ll be “black-balled” and unable to find work anywhere else in their industry.

Reporting discrimination, however, can be the best option to reduce unfair treatment in the workplace. Workers have a right to be in a safe, discrimination-free workplace – no matter who they are, their religious beliefs or how they may look.

Not only do workers have a right to report discrimination, but it can also improve a business for other workers. A business may be more welcoming for a wider range of people, reducing turnover and creating a healthier employee engagement. If you’re being discriminated against at your place of work then you may need to know your options to further protect yourself.