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Class Action Representation

You know right from wrong. You see it every day: a practice that you know affects many people, some of whom may not even realize that they are being cheated, hurt or discriminated against. Perhaps, it is just a small item, but it adds up when it affects more than just you. Maybe you believe that a product is harmful or dangerous on a large scale, or have noticed that the business practices of a company or organization do not seem fair or honest.

If you know of or are affected by a practice or product that also hurts others, you may have the right to bring a class action – a type of lawsuit that can help everyone who has been hurt by a common practice. A class action can also stop other innocent victims from being hurt in the future. Sometimes, a class action is the only way to stop practices that damage many individuals every day.

Class actions have also been a critical tool in preventing discrimination, protecting the public and compensating victims. If you know of a common practice that you know is wrong, call us. Thorman Petrov Group can help. We have experience in representing class members in a wide variety of cases. For example, in May 2011, the firm won a confirmation of a $14.4 million judgment on behalf of a class of railway workers who were denied benefits owed to them by their employer. Call us so that we can help determine whether there is a legal wrong and what can be done to remedy the situation.