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Restore Justice When Discrimination Violates Your Rights

Discrimination in the workplace can make you feel like no matter how capable or hardworking you are, you will never be able to succeed or gain acceptance. Discrimination can unjustly become a major roadblock to your daily work or career trajectory.

If your employer failed to treat you fairly, we at Thorman Petrov Group are ready to stand up for your civil rights. We have represented clients in Ohio and nationwide in numerous discrimination lawsuits. Our employment law team will bring experience, dedication and attentive service to your case.

Not All Business Decisions Are Based On Merit

It is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees based on the following protected classes:

Employers often argue that they based their decisions on the employee’s skills or performance. Unfortunately, powerful companies naturally hold more power – and legal resources – than individual workers.

That is why having a lawyer on your side is critical. We can help you gather evidence and hold your employer accountable.

The Effects Of Discrimination Are Not Insignificant

Based on your situation, discrimination can take different forms, such as:

  • Paying you lower wages than your counterparts for the same tasks
  • Passing you over for a promotion or job despite your qualifications
  • Giving you a disproportionate share of difficult or menial tasks
  • Denying your requests for reasonable accommodations at work
  • Wrongfully excluding you from projects, meetings or events

Discriminatory acts can take away your career opportunities and prevent you from earning the wages you deserve. Sometimes, discrimination can also cause serious physical or mental harm.

Our attorneys understand why justice for discrimination matters to you. With our team’s collective trial experience, we will work to restore what you lost due to discriminatory practices and policies.

Review Your Options With A Compassionate Lawyer

Facing discrimination can be frustrating and nerve-wracking. We will protect you and your career. Call 216-777-4163 or email our firm in Cleveland for a consultation with one of our reputable lawyers.