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Gender Discrimination Should Not Impede Your Career

Gender is personal – and almost never truly related to work. When your co-workers, customers or boss treats you differently solely because of your gender, the discrimination you face could have serious consequences for your life.

Our lawyers at Thorman Petrov Group know how to fight against gender discrimination. By building creative strategies, we have achieved numerous high-value successes in discrimination cases for Ohio employees. Reach out to our firm to get protection for your job and civil rights.

How Gender Discrimination Creates Obstacles

Sex-based discrimination frequently involves:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Lower pay for similar work
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment
  • Denial of benefits or FMLA leave
  • Inequitable job assignments
  • Denial of break time for nursing mothers
  • Refusal of employment or a promotion

While people of any gender may face discrimination, many cases affect women, pregnant workers and transgender employees. In addition to your gender, how you express it may be a target of discrimination. Feminine, masculine and nonbinary gender presentation may be perfectly appropriate for the workplace regardless of how your employer feels about your appearance.

We Won’t Let Discrimination Stand In Your Way

Working in an environment that does not give you fair treatment can be extremely difficult. Gender discrimination can seriously impact your earnings and career opportunities well into the future.

That is why our dedicated attorneys are ready to represent you. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the laws that protect your rights at work. We have experience filing reports with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, carefully negotiating with employers and organizing lawsuits to get our clients the justice they deserve. You can trust our knowledge to guide you forward.

Call Us For Committed Advocacy

Your gender should not stop you from having a secure, fulfilling career. If you experienced discrimination at work, we can advise you. Call 216-777-4163 or send a message to our Cleveland office for a consultation at Thorman Petrov Group.