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Does Your Employer Owe You Unpaid Overtime Or Other Compensation?

Have you been told you don’t qualify for overtime pay? Does your boss make you put in extra hours off the clock? Are you expected to keep working during your breaks?

These practices are a clear violation of your rights. And they add up. The employment lawyers of Thorman Petrov Group have a good track record of holding employers accountable for wage and hour violations. We have helped workers across Ohio get the back pay they deserve, in individual claims and class actions.

Standing Up Against Wage And Hour Violations

Employers must adhere to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and corresponding laws of Ohio. For example, most workers are entitled to overtime pay (at the time-and-a-half rate) after they have worked 40 total hours in a workweek. But some employers skirt these laws by paying straight time instead of overtime or making workers perform duties before clocking in or after they have clocked out. Many employees are wrongly classified as exempt from overtime and then forced to work long hours at no additional pay.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the law and all the tactics that shady companies use to shortchange their workers. At Thorman Petrov Group, we have successfully pursued wage and hour clams for:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Working off the clock
  • Unpaid rest breaks
  • Misclassification to avoid paying overtime
  • Illegally docking workers’ pay
  • Skimming employee tips
  • Other compensation violations

You Have The Right To Be Paid In Full For Your Labor

You may suspect that your employer is cheating you but fear that, if you complain, you will lose your job or be punished in other ways. Retaliation is illegal, and we will take aggressive action against employers who threaten or harass you for seeking your rightful compensation. There is strength in numbers. In many cases, the employer is also exploiting other co-workers, in which case we can bring a collective action to force the company to make amends and change its practices.

Find Out If You Are Owed Money And How We Can Help

If your employer is bending the rules to deprive you of overtime or other pay, you may have a claim for unpaid compensation. Contact an established law firm with a reputation for results. To schedule a free consultation, call our Cleveland office at 216-777-4163 or use our online form.