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Subtle discrimination should not be overlooked

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination

When people think of discrimination, they may think of the blatant forms. These include things like refusing to hire someone because of their race or bypassing someone for a promotion because of their religion.

Many instances of discrimination are much less obvious. While they might not be as easy to spot as some other forms, subtle discrimination can lead to just as much damage. It’s imperative that all employers have specific protocols in place for handling discrimination of all forms.

What type of actions may be subtle discrimination?

In the most general form of subtle discrimination, an employee may be treated rudely by a co-worker. Refusing to help a co-worker or ignoring them while you work together can also fall under this umbrella. When this is done because of a protected status, such as age, gender, sexual preference, race, religion, or a disability, it’s discrimination.

Some subtle discrimination might be hard to prove. Take this example: An employee is left out of a work-related activity that everyone else is invited to. If that employee is the only person of color, they may assume that they’re being discriminated against.

Any worker who feels they’re being discriminated against should ensure they learn about their legal rights. They shouldn’t have to deal with this type of behavior in the workplace. Taking action to stop discrimination is the primary concern. When the discrimination leads to negative employment actions, they may opt to pursue a legal claim. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases is beneficial so you can learn your options and proceed in the manner you feel is in your best interests.