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New survey finds workplace discrimination is still a huge problem

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination

People campaigning for social change speak of wanting to leave a better world for their children. One area they would hope to see progress is in a reduction of workplace discrimination. Sadly, a new survey suggests change is not happening fast enough.

The survey looked at workplace discrimination and gave particular focus to Generation Z. That is to say, people born from 1997 onwards. The results were disappointing. A massive 86% of Generation Z workers surveyed said they had experienced discrimination in the workplace.

When you consider that the oldest someone in Generation Z could be is 24 years old it makes it sadder still. People who have recently entered the workforce continue to face discrimination as they have done for years.

What workplace discrimination do workers experience?

It is vital to note that the survey asked whether people had “experienced” discrimination. So, it would include seeing it happen to someone else. Here are the top 3 forms of discrimination that all the workers surveyed, regardless of age, replied they had experienced:

  • 28% Sexism
  • 23% Racism
  • 23% Pay inequality

One thing to note is that the percentage of Generation Z workers saying they had experienced discrimination was higher than average with 86% replying yes compared to 70% when looking at workers as a whole. What could explain this difference?

One possible answer is that younger employees have an increased understanding of what counts as discrimination. For example, today’s young women are more likely to call out discriminatory actions, which their grandmothers might have accepted as “just the way things are.”

Reporting workplace discrimination is crucial to ensuring that employers take steps to eliminate discrimination and individuals act appropriately.