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TPG Wins $28 Million Trial Verdict in Age Discrimination Case

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Firm News

Christopher Thorman and Dan Petrov of Thorman Petrov Group obtained a $28 million verdict on behalf of their client, Robert Katz, after a nine day trial. A Cuyahoga County jury awarded the verdict to Katz, a doctor who sued the Cleveland Clinic Foundation for firing him because of his age. Katz was a 77-year-old ear, nose and throat physician in 2015 when his chairman began to pressure him to retire. CCF then steered Katz’s patients to younger doctors. After Katz complained about age discrimination, CCF informed Katz that it would not reappoint him to the medical staff. Cuyahoga County jurors awarded Katz $1.95 million in economic compensatory damages, $325,000 in emotional distress damages, and $26.375 million in punitive damages, after it found that the hospital violated Ohio laws against age discrimination and retaliation. More information can be found at: