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Ensuring your future workplace is free of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Workplace Harassment

Congratulations on your offer of employment! Stepping into a new job with better pay and greater responsibilities is a significant milestone in your career.

Before accepting the position, though, be sure the workplace you are considering spending your time in will not expose you to sexual harassment.

Research the company

Look for information on the venture’s website about its values and policies relating to harassment and discrimination. Many businesses proudly outline their commitment to a safe and respectful workspace in their mission statements.

Read staff opinions

Online employee reviews can provide insight into an enterprise’s culture and how it handles sexual harassment conflicts. While these critiques should not be the sole basis of your decision, they can offer valuable perspectives.

Raise the topic

Chatting with company representatives may help you gauge your potential employer’s stance on heading off and dealing with sexual harassment. Directly ask about how they address complaints. Pay attention to the interviewer’s comfort level while answering, as extreme awkwardness could be a red flag.

Check for training

Inquire whether the company provides instruction on preventing sexual harassment and creating a respectful workspace. Training programs demonstrate a company’s commitment to educating its employees and maintaining a safe space for everyone. Staffers with a greater awareness of this matter are less likely to continue habits that create an intimidating environment.

Ensuring your future place of employment is free of sexual harassment requires a bit of legwork. Taking the appropriate steps before accepting a job could prevent you from enduring an upsetting situation.