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Common signs of workplace age discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination

In today’s society, on-the-job age discrimination is a topic that resonates. Bias against older employees sadly persists.

When the indicators escape notice, fixing the problem remains impossible, so it is important to know what to watch for.

Marginalization in team dynamics

If workers in a particular age bracket face consistent exclusion from important meetings, decision-making processes or social gatherings, systemic bias may be the cause. Watch for moments that dismiss the insights of older individuals.

Negative comments and stereotypes

Listen closely to the language that younger people use in the workplace. Unkind words, such as jokes about older employees’ technological skills, can signify discriminatory attitudes. A surprising 32% of age 50-plus adults in the workforce report that they hear degrading remarks. Pay attention to the tone and content of conversations to identify subtle hints of intolerance.

Exclusion from training and development opportunities

Another red flag is when access to career enhancement classes among older employees is not allowed. Individuals of every age deserve the chance to upgrade their skills.

Inequities in performance evaluations

If older employees consistently receive lower ratings in annual reviews without clear justifications, it could be due to prejudicial thinking. Assessments should strictly focus on merit and job-related criteria.

Unwarranted job reassignments or demotions

Keep an eye on unexpected position shifts or downgrades. When older employees suddenly find themselves in less desirable roles without reason, favoritism toward the young could be the explanation.

Eliminating age discrimination requires awareness from everyone. Fostering a workplace that values employees of all ages creates a more welcoming environment and enhances productivity by encouraging collaboration.