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How common is age discrimination in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination

Age discrimination in the American workplace is an issue that affects a significant portion of the workforce who are age 40 and above.

Older adults navigating the contemporary job market should understand the prevalence and root causes of age discrimination. It is important to shed light on this pressing concern, which often remains hidden behind closed doors.

Discrimination’s prevalence

Ohio law primarily prohibits age discrimination towards adults over 40. Unfortunately, age discrimination in the workplace continues to be a problem. Over 40% of older workers report recent experiences with age discrimination.

Furthermore, many employers admit to favoring younger job applicants during the hiring process. They sometimes assume older workers have less energy or are not as adaptable. Employers might also presume that older adults are less technologically savvy. However, these stereotypes are often unfair and incorrect. In fact, more senior employees can offer deep knowledge and practical experience that many younger workers lack. Additionally, older employees tend to be reliable. They often have stronger soft skills, too.

Forms of age discrimination

When older job applicants face consistent rejection, it can suggest age discrimination in the hiring process. Age-related stereotyping also adds negativity to the work environment. Coworkers and supervisors should not make hasty assumptions based on someone’s age.

In some cases, older workers experience unwarranted criticism, microaggressions and dismissals. Additionally, limited opportunities for career advancement are a sign of age-related bias within an organization. Recognizing these signs is crucial for addressing age discrimination in the workplace.

Increased awareness of age discrimination can promote a more inclusive, diverse workforce that harnesses the full potential of all its members.