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3 employee responsibilities against employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination is a severe problem in the workplace. It could happen to employees unaware of how badly it could affect them and their livelihoods. Employment discrimination could be blatant, such as harassment by coworkers or managers. Some instances are more subtle, including denial of reasonable arrangements or inappropriate discriminatory questions.

In the face of discrimination, each party is responsible for eradicating it from the workplace. Employers must implement policies and procedures in compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws. On the other hand, employees have a different set of responsibilities. They have the following duties to help address discrimination in the workplace:

  • Do not participate in discriminatory behavior. Employees engaging in these activities could be harmful to others. They could be perpetrators of unlawful violations under the organization’s anti-discrimination policies and the law.
  • Report incidents of workplace discrimination immediately. These violations could happen under the employer’s nose, leaving them unnoticed. By enforcing the company policy and reporting these incidents, you could help address these issues, making the workplace safer.
  • Do not hesitate to request workplace adjustments according to your religious beliefs, medical conditions or disability. By doing so, you exercise your rights protected by employment discrimination laws. Informing the employer about these needs also opens opportunities for others needing similar arrangements.

Addressing discrimination at work could be a partnership between employers and employees. Some problems might be concealed from the employer’s point of view, making each employee’s contribution significant.

Noticing employment discrimination

Discrimination occurs in many forms, such as unfair treatment, inappropriate questions or retaliation. Employees might be prone to experiencing these incidents. However, they could also have the most visibility, allowing them to report them immediately. Filing complaints could help employers determine the proper action to resolve these issues.