Age Discrimination

You have a new supervisor who is hiring only younger workers. You are not being credited for your work like your younger coworkers. You are not being included in work functions like the younger workers are. The company will not consider you for open positions because, according to your company, you do not have the future potential that younger workers have. It seems that older workers never make it to retirement age at your company anymore. You are told that you are "too set in your ways" or "unable to change" as an excuse for letting you go. The company is laying off workers, and has picked you to lose your job even though you were outperforming younger workers who are keeping their jobs.

If you have had any of these experiences at work, you may be the victim of age discrimination. Protecting yourself in these situations calls for careful attention to the many requirements of our age discrimination laws.

State and federal laws make it illegal for an employer to treat you differently because of your age. We can help you determine whether your employer is engaging in illegal age discrimination, and how to best protect you if any of these situations arise. Our firm routinely helps employees who are being mistreated because of their age by counseling them to get through difficult situations, negotiating severance packages, or filing lawsuits to protect them if necessary. In 2006, the firm obtained a 16 million dollar verdict on behalf of a client who was terminated on account of his age. Similarly, in March 2003, the firm obtained a 7.765 million dollar verdict in an age discrimination and unlawful retaliation case. The firm's success in pursuing age discrimination claims is unmatched.