Wage & Hour, Compensation, and Overtime Violations

You work hard for your living. You arrive to work on time, put in a full day's work, and expect a full day's pay in return. Your employer, on the other hand, does not live up to its end of the bargain. You are asked to arrive early and perform work before clocking in. At the end of your day, your boss has extra work for you after you're off the clock. You are also expected to spend extra time on work during evenings and weekends.

When you ask for overtime pay, you are told you are not eligible because of your job duties or because you did not obtain prior approval. When you ask to be paid for the time you spend working off the clock, your boss tells you that the company only pays for the time you spend at work. You know that this is not right, but are afraid that if you complain, you may suffer for it or lose your job.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, you may be the victim of illegal pay practices. Your company is required to follow federal and state laws regarding the payment of wages and overtime, including the Fair Labor Standards Act. If your job is one for which the law requires overtime pay, an employer may not bend or break the rules by denying you overtime pay or asking you to work extra hours "off the clock." Many times, if an employer breaks the law for one employee, it breaks the law for large numbers of employees, and it is possible that others at your workplace are suffering the same treatment as you.

If you are being mistreated in any of these ways, you may have a claim for unpaid compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act or other laws. Call us so that we can help determine whether your company or anyone there is acting illegally, and what can be done to remedy the situation.